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Spring Roof Maintenance

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The spring season has almost arrived! Along with the rain showers, budding flowers, and warmer weather, home maintenance typically comes in the springtime. In addition to spring cleaning for the interior of your home, make sure to take care of your home’s exterior – especially the roof!

Spring is an excellent time to perform basic roof maintenance. The winter season may have taken a toll on your roofing system, making it important to take care of any issues now, before the dead of summer. Plus, springtime notoriously comes along with rain and hailstorms here in Colorado. Making sure that your roof has the strength to withstand the coming season will extend its lifespan while protecting your home from damage.  

Below, you’ll find our tops tips for maintaining your Englewood roofing system this spring. 

Schedule An Inspection.

Scheduling a professional roof inspection with your Englewood roofing company will ensure that any problems are found and addressed before the peak of hail season. Winter storms can often cause roof damage, but it’s difficult to identify them when your roof is covered in ice and snow. Now that the weather’s warming up, your roofing team can perform a thorough inspection and suggest roof repairs as needed. 

During your spring roof inspection, the inspector will check the surface of your roof and the interior of your home, given that some roofing issues (like leaks) will be apparent in the attic. On the surface of your roof, the inspector will check the following areas for damage:

  • The roof planes
  • The shingles, tiles, or panels, depending on your roofing material
  • The chimney
  • The soffit and fascia

Maintain Trees.

Spring is an optimal time to complete tree maintenance. After winter and the many storms that it can bring, tree maintenance will remove damaged branches and other defects that could damage your roof. 

Types of Tree Damage To Roofing

Roof damage can result if tree branches reach far enough to touch your roof. Overhanging branches may scratch, dent, or even puncture your roof. If a branch snaps and falls onto your roof, it can rip off shingles and expose the inner layers of your roof, creating the risk of leakage. 

Trees that are poorly maintained may also drop debris onto the surface of your roof. Accumulated leaves and pine needles can become wet, exposing your roof to moisture for extended periods of time. This can cause mold and mildew development, as well as a potential leak. 

Spring Tree Maintenance

So, during the spring season, complete tree maintenance to avoid roof damage. Have overhanging branches trimmed back and away from the surface of your roof. Clean accumulated leaves, pine needles, and other debris from your roof. Additionally, if any of the trees on your property are old or dying, make sure to have them professionally removed. A fallen catastrophe can mean catastrophe for your home in Englewood. 

Clean The Gutters.

Your gutters are essential to your home’s drainage system. Without well-functioning gutters, a spring storm could quickly cause water damage to the exterior of your home. Since spring is likely to bring about rain and hailstorms, it’s a fantastic time to maintain your gutters. 


Cleaning your gutters is a key maintenance task for homeowners. Over time, leaves, pine needles, dirt, and other debris can build up in your gutters, inhibiting their ability to properly drain water away from your home. So, this spring, clean out the debris from your gutters, leaving them clear to drain precipitation when the next storm strikes. 

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards can help prevent debris from building up in your gutters. Most gutter guards are made out of mesh, forming a screen over the gutter opening. This stops most large debris from entering the gutters, ensuring that water can still drain through them. Having gutter guards installed may prevent the amount of gutter maintenance that you’ll have to perform throughout the year. 

Gutter Damage

Damage can impact your gutter system over time. If your gutters are dented, sagging, leaking, or pulling away from your roof, your home’s drainage system won’t function properly. Your Englewood roofers will inspect your gutter system during your routine roof inspection and recommend repairs if they’re necessary. 

For Englewood roof repairs and maintenance, contact RME today.

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