What Types of Shingles do Roofing Companies in Colorado use?

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Colorado weather has it all. Each season shines on its own, from hail storms to sizzling hot temperatures to colorful displays of falling pollen and leaves to feet-high snowfalls. Roofs in our beautiful state endure severe weather throughout the year, year after year. Shingles are essential for protecting your home and should be picked based … Read moreWhat Types of Shingles do Roofing Companies in Colorado use?

Popular Residential Roof Designs

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The design of your residential roof impacts its look and function, as well as the overall aesthetic of your home’s exterior. That said, most people aren’t well-versed in all of the roof designs available. By learning more about the residential roof designs that could work well for your Colorado home, you can select the perfect … Read morePopular Residential Roof Designs

Which Roofing Material is Right For My Home?

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Any roof construction project, whether it be a brand-new roof or a replacement roof, requires many decisions on the part of the homeowner. One such decision is the roofing material to use for the project. There’s a broad selection of materials available for residential roofing projects, each one differing in durability, style, price point, and … Read moreWhich Roofing Material is Right For My Home?

Guide To Metal Roofing

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Metal roofing is popular in Colorado and throughout the United States. In fact, it’s second in popularity among homeowners in the United States, trailing behind asphalt roofing alone. However, metal roofing provides many benefits that homeowners won’t get with other material options, including asphalt. From durability to recyclability and more, Englewood metal roofing is an … Read moreGuide To Metal Roofing