Why Your Gutters Are Important To Your Roof

Why Your Gutters Are Important To Your Roof

How often do you think about your home’s gutters? The answer is probably not often. While your gutters may not seem like a major part of your home, they’re required for proper water drainage. As far as your roof goes, malfunctioning or damaged gutters could lead to lasting water damage. 

Let’s learn more about the role that gutters play in your Colorado roofing system. 

The Importance of Gutters To Your Roof

Your roofing system needs gutters for water drainage. Whenever it rains, hails, or snows, the precipitation needs to drain off of your roof. Water that pools on your roof can lead to water damage and potentially a full roof leak. But, the water can’t just drain straight off of the edge of your roof. This could lead to standing water over your home’s foundation, which could put the entire structure of your home at risk. Poor drainage off of your roof could also cause water damage to your home’s siding. 

Your gutter system also helps keep your Colorado roofing system free of leaves, pine needles, and other debris. If your gutters aren’t functioning properly, it could cause debris to build up on your roof and collect moisture, potentially causing roof water damage. 

Types of Gutter Damage

There are multiple types of gutter damage that can impact the condition of your roof and home. The most common forms of gutter damage include:

Gutter Clogs

When dirt and debris from overhanging trees fall into your gutter system, it can lead to a gutter clog. As the debris accumulates over time, the space in the gutters for water to flow through narrows. Eventually, so much debris may build up in the gutters that water can no longer flow through it. When this, a full gutter clog, occurs, water may spill out the sides of the gutters whenever it rains. When the water gushes out of your gutters, it may cause water damage to your home’s siding, as well as your Colorado roofing system. 

Dents and Punctures

Here in Colorado, hailstorms are common, especially in the spring. Unfortunately, just as hailstones may damage the surface of your roof, they may leave a mark on your gutter system. Hailstorms can lead to dents and even punctures in your gutter system. Water may leak out of the punctures the next time it rains, again posing a risk of water damage to your home. Dented gutters are unsightly, but also diminish the longevity of your gutters. 

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to stop a hailstorm from coming. But, you can check your gutters for damage after a hailstorm. If your gutters have been seriously dented or punctured, contact your local gutter professionals to check out the damage. 

Changes in Slope

Your gutters are installed in line with your roof. The angle of the gutters is important to their functionality, given that water must be directed downward to drain properly. But, if the land that your home sits on starts to shift, the alignment of your gutter system may change, too. This could keep the water from being able to drain properly.

If water remains stagnant in your gutters, it could lead to rust and deterioration. So, if you notice that the alignment of your gutters seems to have shifted, it’s worth it to have them realigned by a professional. This will prevent further damage to your gutters.  

Gutter Maintenance Tips

  • Clean your gutters regularly. 

Cleaning is the most important gutter maintenance task. When you clean the debris that has accumulated out of your gutters, you’ll prevent clogs that could lead to roof water damage. Ideally, you should clean your gutters once per year. 

  • Invest in gutter guards.

Gutter guards can reduce the amount of debris that gets into your gutter system. Investing in them may reduce the amount of gutter cleaning that you have to do.

  • Reinforce your gutters.

When ice builds up in your gutter system in the winter, it can alter the alignment of your gutters. To prevent this problem, you can have your gutters reinforced. This is a smart choice for Colorado homeowners looking to protect their gutter systems against damage. 

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