Is Your Roof Ready For Hail Season?

Is Your Roof Ready For Hail Season?

Spring is finally here! In Colorado, that means that hail season is also upon us. Unfortunately, while hail can provide much-needed precipitation here in the midwest, major hailstorms can also be bad news for your Englewood roofing system. The impact of hailstones upon your roof can cause multiple types of damage, potentially requiring extensive repairs. 

While there will always be a risk of roof hail damage, there are multiple steps that you can take to reduce it. By preparing your roofing system for the hail season to come, you can protect it against serious damage so that your home remains in good condition. 

Preparing Your Home For a Hailstorm

There are multiple steps that you can take to reduce roof hail damage this spring. These steps include:

  • Schedule a roof inspection

If your roof has existing damage, it’s more susceptible to serious hail damage. So, contact your Englewood roofing company for a professional inspection. During the inspection, your inspector will thoroughly check the exterior and interior of your home for signs of roof damage. Damage won’t always be visible from your usual vantage point, so the inspection may reveal roofing problems that you didn’t know existed. Roofing professionals can also identify weak points that could soon lead to damage, In either case, the inspector can recommend solutions to ensure that your roof has the durability to withstand the Colorado hail season. 

  • Maintain your landscaping

If you have trees that hang over your roof, there’s no better time to trim them back than before hail season. Overhanging branches can snap and fall onto your roof, potentially leading to dented or missing shingles, scratches on the surface of your roof, or even a roof puncture. Tree damage is usually simple to avoid by keeping the trees on your property pruned. Additionally, if there’s a tree on your property that’s near the end of its lifespan, you should start to think about removing it. A dead tree poses a risk of falling onto your home and causing serious roof damage. 

  • Clean your gutters

If your gutters are clogged with leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other types of debris, they’re likely to overflow and leak during storms this spring. Leaky gutters present a large risk of water damage to your home, from trapping excess moisture in your roofing system to creating water stains in your siding. Water damage to your home’s foundation could even result from a severely leaky gutter. So, before hail season is in full swing, get your gutters thoroughly cleaned and repaired, if needed. This straightforward maintenance task will protect your home against water damage caused by a gutter leak. 

  • Ensure that you have adequate homeowner’s insurance

Especially here in Colorado, where hailstorms are common and often severe, it’s wise to have a homeowner’s insurance policy that covers damage caused by hail. Most homeowner’s insurance policies offer at least some coverage for hail damage to your home’s decks and windows. However, coverage for roof hail damage isn’t always a given. A higher deductible is often required for plans with coverage for hail and wind damage to your roof. This is one option, as is an insurance plan that offers more extensive coverage for your roof in particular. 

During and After a Hailstorm in Englewood

During a hailstorm, while there’s not much you can do to get your roof out of harm’s way, you can ensure that your family and pets are safe, as well as your vehicle. If a hailstorm is in the forecast, make sure to park your car in a garage or other form of covered parking. Any breakable items outside, such as potent plants and patio furniture, should be brought inside. 

When a storm strikes, first ensure that your family members and pets are safely inside, away from windows, skylights, and other areas with glass that could break under the impact of a hailstone. 

After the hailstorm has run its course, have your Englewood roofing company come check out your roof immediately. If you suspect that damage is present, you should also contact your insurance company ASAP. This will get the ball rolling on the claims process early, helping to secure the approval of your claim. 

For help with roof hail repairs or roof maintenance, contact RME today.