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How to Choose the Right Englewood Colorado Roofing Company

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Your home’s roof is one of the most integral parts of the structure. Holding together your home’s frame, the roof brings stability that is often underestimated. It also adds arguably the most important line of defense against the elements Mother Nature brings to visit us each season in Colorado. Without a roof over your head, the floors of your living space will turn into a pond in the Colorado summer or tundra during our Rocky Mountain winters. Additionally, the roof you choose has a huge impact on the value of your house. Understanding all of this can only bring us to one conclusion; the roof you choose for your home is of the utmost importance. This means choosing the right roofing company to work with when it is time to repair or replace your roof becomes a priority. Here are steps we recommend taking when choosing the right Englewood, CO, roofing company for you.  


  1. Ask for Recommendations 
  2. Compare Reviews on Various Platforms 
  3. Check the Better Business Bureau Grades
  4. Support Local Roofing Company  
  5. Schedule an Estimate with Top 3 Roofing Contractors
  6. State License and Insurance
  7. Clear and Honest Communication
  8. Hire an Experienced Roofing Contractor
  9. Englewood Roofing Company, Rocky Mountain Enterprises 

Choosing the right roofing company is essential in any homeowner’s journey. How do you know which company will get the job done in a professional, timely manner? With these steps and your own research, you can rest assured that you have found the best roofing company in Englewood, CO for you.  

Ask for Roofing Company Recommendations

The first thing we do, as humans, when searching for the answer to something is to share our quest with our fellow humans. Think of the people you see on a daily basis or those that reside on the street next door to you. What about friends and family members that live close by? One of them likely has recent experience working with a roofing company on their home or business. Ask if they are open to chatting with you about their experience with the company. Trusting the person who passes on a passionate review (positive or negative) adds weight to the review and can help bring clarity to you.  

Compare Reviews from Various Platforms

Reading reviews is another great way to find the right Englewood, Colorado Roofing Company. It is always recommended to read several reviews of the same company on various platforms. If the reviews on each platform are similar, it is likely they are telling of the service the roofing contractor regularly provides and how they operate. Negative reviews give you an excellent opportunity to see how the company responds. If something were to happen while working with the company, are you confident they would respond to your satisfaction? A few of the different platforms you can find reviews on are Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Angi’s list.  

Check the Better Business Bureau Grades

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) grades businesses on a scale from an A+ to an F. Scoring an A+ translates the Better Business Bureau’s confidence in that business to adhere to good business standards and customer service consistently. The BBB has been a relevand trusted source for reviewing businesses across the nation since it was founded in 1912. Foundational to the Better Business Bureau and how it grades businesses is a lack of bias and refusal to be associated with any government agency. While looking for a trusted, local roofing company, go to the BBB’s website and check the grade and reviews for different roofing companies near you. Comparing these grades to the reviews, you find online can also help you determine if a company consistently provides quality service.  

Support a Local Roofing Company 

Local roofing contractors have a good idea of the area and the type of roof that would be most suited to it. Before venturing too far out to find roofing services, local companies provide quality service and honestly care about your home and neighborhood. When you click on a company’s website, you should see their references, contact information, and the address to their office. These references should help you make a fair decision depending on how well they have taken care of other jobs in the community. Their office also won’t be far away from where you live, so you can always stop by to be helped in a professional manner and with care during or after the job is done.

Schedule an Estimate with Your Top 3 Roofing Companies 

One of the best ways to obtain a real feel of what working with a roofing company would be like is to schedule an estimate. Rocky Mountain Enterprises in Englewood, CO, offers free inspections and estimates. Scheduling an inspection or estimate for your roof gives you information crucial to your decision of who to hire.  

After inspecting your property, the professional roofing company will be able to give you an estimate of how they would complete the project. The amount of each roof repair solution or roof replacement project can determine your budget. It also provides you with the chance to interact with the company a few times. Once you have all of the estimates, you can compare the final cost with the solutions presented by professional roofing companies. Ask yourself if one roofing company stood out against the rest in how you felt while communicating with them.  

Check State License and Insurance

All roofing companies should have their state business license as well as be properly insured. A state business license signifies proof that a business can legally operate in that state. For instance, Rocky Mountain Enterprises is licensed with the State of Colorado and can take care of any of your roofing needs in our beautiful home state. 

General liability insurance allows the roofing company to cover accidental damages to your property and, in worst-case scenarios, bodily injury. Knowing your roofing contractor is properly insured can bring you peace of mind during a construction project such as replacing the roof in Englewood, CO. Ask questions, and do not feel shy if you want to request to see these pieces of information.  

Clear and Honest Communication

Communication is key in any interaction. Feeling comfortable with the roofing company you hire and building trust is essential to making your new roof visions become a reality. In return, roofers can openly communicate with you to add to your idea and answer questions. A good roofing company will set expectations, so you know the professionalism and quality of work to expect.  

Professional roofers will also give you boundaries based on what is best for your local area. In Englewood, CO, roofs are protecting us from a myriad of elements each season. Some roofing supplies are better suited for certain climates and weather. Clear and honest communication will allow the information and vision to come together, resulting in a beautiful new roof for your home.  

Hire an Experienced Roofing Contractor 

Hiring an experienced roofing company comes down to one word, intricacies (or the details). When working with experienced roofers, the job gets done quickly, efficiently, and without causing significant disturbances to your home. If you are considering hiring a new roofer, you may need to reset your expectations. It is possible that finishing the job can take longer than expected. Paying for the experience of a professional roofing contractor means you are paying for their knowledge from experience. If the estimate is too good to be true, there is a good chance that the craftsmanship will be compromised. 

Experienced roofing contractors have seen many different scenarios. This can bring a steady workflow to your property’s roof repair or roof replacement, unphased by road bumps that may arise during the project.   

Local Professional Englewood Roofing Company, Rocky Mountain Enterprises  

The roofer you choose to hire for your home or office remodeling can significantly impact the end result of your roof. You are essentially in collaboration with the roofer when you are choosing a new roof for your home. Hearing your needs and vision for the final product, the roofing contractor you hire is the one who will bring that to tangibility.  

If you need any roofing services in the Englewood, Colorado, area and want a company that checks all of these boxes, check out Rocky Mountain Enterprises. We are a locally owned roofing company who have been servicing customers in the State of Colorado for over ten years. With unmatched attention to detail and emphasis on customer satisfaction, we readily share our experiential knowledge with our clients.  

At Rocky Mountain Enterprises, we understand how important the roof is to your home. From adding value to your family’s investment to keeping the building’s structure sound, all while it protects you from the elements, roofs are integral to survival. Our mission is to provide quality craftsmanship with every roof repair and roof replacement we undertake in Englewood, CO. Find out why Rocky Mountain Enterprises is Colorado’s Roofing Company, and reach out to us today. 

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