Tornadoes hit Colorado

Roof-Damaging Weather for Colorado


This story  about recent Colorado tornadoes was published in USA Today on May 8, 2016

colorado tornadoes
A viewer captures a Colorado tornado during a recent severe storm disturbance

Tornadoes hit Colorado

Tornadoes hit Colorado Saturday, damaging property but causing no fatalities. There were 15 reports of tornadoes, according to the Storm Prediction Center. More storms are forecast to batter the Plains on Sunday and Monday. One twister injured five people in Wray, Colo.
Several trailers were also toppled near Wiggins, Colorado, on Saturday afternoon after the National Weather Service confirmed that a tornado had touched down in the area.

“We had no idea it was a tornado,” said Jeanne Welham. “We prayed and we were grateful that the weather was not so good this weekend, because I’m afraid that if everybody would have been here lives would’ve been lost.”

Two people died and six others were injured in a series of weather-related traffic crashes in northern Arizona Saturday, the Associated Press reported.

Around 10 a.m., there was a vehicle roll-over due to tornadoes and hail on Interstate 40 near the community of Ash Fork.  Two people tried to help the occupants and were struck and killed by a commercial vehicle.

The same system that triggered storms in Colorado on Saturday will move into the central and southern Plains on Sunday. The area is at risk for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes and will be move into Nebraska and into central Texas.

Cities where storms are most likely include Topeka, Kan., Oklahoma City, and Kansas City, Mo.The severe weather threat zone Monday will be in Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana and eastern Texas.

Colorado tornadoes are dangerous and can cause severe property damage in a short amount of time. If you feel as though your property has suffered tornado damage recently, please be sure to call RME and contact us immediately for a free, no-obligation inspection.